Professional Services

Emergency Operations Plans
Do you have an effective, up-to-date Emergency Operations Plan? Does it meet applicable corporate or jurisdiction guidelines? The Patria Group (TPG) helps assess current plans, develops or updates plans, and then assists with implementation. Learn More

Using experienced in-house resources, or in collaboration with best-in-class partners, TPG provides standard or customized development and delivery of various kinds of training to prepare response personnel to manage large-scale events and respond to all hazards Learn More

Exercises and Workshops
Either using preexisting plans, or with plans that TPG has worked with the customer to update or create, TPG conducts tabletop and functional exercises that allow responders to simulate real-life events in immersive scenarios Learn More

Response Support
During the management of a planned large-scale event, or during a response to an emergency incident, TPG provides skilled resources to augment and support personnel Learn More

Cyber Security and Information Assurance
It’s vital that during the management of an event, or response to an incident, that information is available and correct. TPG helps customers insure that essential security measures are in place for information assurance Learn More