Professional Services
The Patria Group (TPG) provides a suite of professional services that starts with listening to customers to completely understand their needs, assessing what’s required to meet those needs, and then developing and implementing solutions that are quality, timely and affordable. The solution could be as simple as a 2 hour workshop focused on a specific emergency response topic. Or it could be as complex as development of a comprehensive strategy composed of multiple interconnected tactics needing seamless, integrated implementation over an extended timeframe. TPG offers professional services in the areas of Emergency Operations Plans, Training and Exercises, Response Support and Cyber Security Information Assurance. Learn More

Underpinning TPG’s professional services are technology and software solutions that drive superior situational awareness to support effective decisions during event and incident preparation, response and recovery. TPG provides new technology and software with robust features, and integrates this with existing legacy systems, to provide solutions that allow response personnel throughout the command chain to successfully manage communications, information and resources. TPG supplies an Info Integration Framework (IIF) to incorporate real-time data from GPS, Smart Phone and NG911 infrastructure. For Response Operations Centers (i.e. EOC’s), TPG designs, develops and implements physical centers and all associated infrastructure. Learn More