The Patria Group’s leaders have successfully built companies that provide mission-critical software and technology solutions to public entities and Fortune 500 companies in the private sector in a diverse set of industries, including telecommunications, manufacturing, tourism and economic development. The Patria Group (TPG) has linked its expertise in event management and emergency operations with its superior technology and software capability to provide a differentiated set of solutions to fully support TPG’s mission and provide greater operational effectiveness to TPG’s customers.

TPG’s resources are best-in-class industry professionals with successful careers in various emergency operations disciplines in front-line and teaching roles in the public and private sector. Many have been directly involved in responding to significant national and international events. The majority of TPG’s principals have had distinguished careers in various branches of the Armed Forces.

The Patria Group Corporation is a private company formed in 2010 and is based at the Research Park on the grounds of the Texas A&M University campus in College Station, TX. The Latin word “Patria” means “homeland”, and is reflective of TPG’s mission. TPG’s mission is to provide solutions to save lives and protect property. TPG’s solutions support resiliency and continuity and are meaningful, long-lasting and valuable to society. TPG’s customers are event management and incident response personnel in the public, private and NGO sectors.